Armani’s Resolve

Impeccably tailored blazers with matching cigarette pants are along the lines of what the fashion industry has come to expect from Giorgio Armani during his 40-year-reign as one of Italy’s most successful designers. Though the palette was mostly a muted mix of blues, purples and grays, there were various pops of sculpted striped collars, embellished and seamless blends of wool and silk.

Similar to Chiuri and Piccoli of Valentino, Armani’s collection is also inspired by the works of modern French painter Marc Chagall. But whereas Valentino’s collection borrowed from the romantic stained-glass aesthetic, Armani channels more the hand-brushed landscapes of pink, purple and blue. In addition to the watercolor hues, jackets varied in shape as well—some bore Peter Pan collars, while others were skirted with peplum hems. Woven sarong pants were used as well. A standout look is a sheet double-breasted silver vest with cigarette pants, and a matching shirt of coral and sky blue, with a complimentary fringed shawl.

“In the beginning, I thought that women needed protection, on a style that allows them to have the right impact to let them realize their success,” said Armani in an interview with Interview magazine. “Now many years later, women no longer need a masculine uniform. Women have changed, my collection will adapt my style to the liberation of women from their complexes about femininity and sensuality. I think that now we need a simplification, with neither exaggerations, nor repressions.”

This collection is perfect for women who want to assert their tailored sensuality fearlessly.
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